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Magma has launched Quartz iPOP initiative to facilitate designers’ adoption of the Quartz DRC and Quartz LVS software for designs targeted at 65nm and below.

Magma’s Quartz products are scalable physical verification solutions that are said to handle larger designs and provide turnaround time up to an order of magnitude faster than traditional solutions.

These capabilities provide the improved productivity and performance necessary to cope with the higher verification for designs at 65nm and smaller, without increasing the physical verification budget.

The improved Productivity, Operability and Performance (iPOP) programme is designed to demonstrate the productivity and performance delivered by Magma’s Quartz DRC, Quartz LVS and Talus qDRC physical verification solutions, and to ease adoption of the Quartz product iPOP features a new licensing model that enables designers to increase the return on investment (ROI) in Magma’s physical verification tools.

The Quartz products have been proven to provide sign-off quality results across a range of customers, design styles and process nodes.

Quartz DRC and Quartz LVS offer broad foundry support and can be used for sign-off or in conjunction with third-party physical verification tools.

Users of Magma’s Talus IC implementation system can achieve additional improvements in turnaround time and predictability with Talus qDRC, which provides sign-off-in-the-loop physical verification.

Talus qDRC runs during placement and routing to immediately identify and correct design rule violations, allowing Talus to generate sign-off-clean designs.

The iPOP programme also features a free trial of the Quartz DRC and Quartz LVS software, and an online quiz that lets designers demonstrate their knowledge of physical verification and enter into a monthly draw for an Apple iPad.

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