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Loma Systems has brought out the variable-frequency IQ3+ metal detectors.

The devices’ true variable frequency allows for virtually any frequency from 31kHz to 882kHz.

The system can be configured so the metal detector automatically picks the frequency for each product during the product calibration and has significant data space to store the frequency details of up to 200 different products.

This simplifies the operation of the detector from the user’s perspective, with the benefit of low product wastage or recall costs.

Variable frequency also allows for greater flexibility in aperture sizing and enables Loma to stock metal detectors for quick delivery.

This new technology has many benefits for food manufacturers.

Prior to variable frequency, various parts used in the manufacture and maintenance of metal detectors required a large spare-parts inventory, which can be expensive for both parties and impractical for customers.

All Loma IQ3+ metal detectors, regardless of size, style or frequency, now use a common set of parts.

Variable frequency also allows for an increased flexibility in the use and location of the metal detector.

When multiple products are considered, the ability to define an optimum frequency for each product instead of a single frequency offers greater flexibility and security.

Investing in a Loma IQ3+ variable-frequency metal detector allows food manufacturers to futureproof their inspection systems.

While many process lines still run with a single product, this is becoming rare and the demand for the ability to run multiple products at their optimum sensitivity levels on the same line is becoming greater, increasing the need for variable-frequency systems.

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