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Loma Systems has announced the launch of the IQ3+ Pipeline, a pipeline metal detection system that is said to be ideal for pumped liquid and semi-liquid products such as jams and soups.

This is due to its variety of pipe diameters and fittings.

The IQ3+ Pipeline is fully compliant with the Quality Assurance practice in the food industry, in particular the HACCP (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Point) standard.

Metal contaminants are potentially very dangerous and are a frequent cause of consumer complaints.

Nowadays, it is essential for food manufacturers to put in place a quality control system to quickly identify and remove contaminates from their process.

Loma has developed a range of reject valves for the IQ3+ Pipeline to suit all products and to allow for optimum versatility.

These application-specific devices are said to minimise product waste and meet the major multiples requirements for failsafe rejection.

Advanced 32-bit digital signal processing provides high levels of detection and allows for optimum sensitivity levels.

Positioning the metal detector in the production line is said to be easy – the height adjustment ranges from 930mm (36in) to 1210mm (48in) and lockable wheels enable the unit to be moved easily by a single operator.

Loma’s Automatic Product Learn system ensures sensitivity without the need for adjustment and means that the metal detector can be calibrated even while in production.

The system’s intelligent software automatically compensates for the fluctuations in product temperature and clumping that can otherwise lead to false rejects.

The IQ3+ Pipeline is easy to use with a highly visible LCD incorporating a computerised touch-screen.

It is said to deliver good noise-free detection due to its high field strength.

Compatible with Handtmann and Vemag fillers, it can also be supplied for almost any hand filler, clipper or linker application.

The IQ3+ Pipeline complies with IP69K standards meaning the machine can withstand the harshest environment and cope with high-pressure washdown.

The unit is constructed in bead-blasted stainless steel and features a height-adjustable stand assembly to allow easy and convenient cleaning.

This is said to provide many benefits for the customer; far less water is required to clean down the system, reducing cost while ensuring that acidic products such as jams are completely cleaned from the machine, eliminating the possibility of corrosion or damage.

Additionally, the unit has robust quick-release fittings that enable it to be easily dismantled and cleaned.

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