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Synqor has released the IQ64 range of industry-standard half brick DC/DC converters, which features an 8:1 input voltage range of 18-135V, doubling the existing ultra-wide 4:1 input-ratio standard.

With one converter designers can now simultaneously satisfy EN50155 requirements for 36, 48 and 72V railway systems.

The IQ64 range uses Synqor’s two-stage topology with a constant mid-bus voltage, which enables an optimised isolation stage design based on synchronous rectifiers, reducing heat loss and achieving up to 90 per cent efficiency at full load.

The IQ64 series expands the Inqor family of fully encased and rugged isolated DC/DC converters for industrial and transportation applications.

The half-brick format is comprised of nine output voltages, including 1.8, 3.3, 5, 12, 15, 24, 28, 40 and 48V.

For each output voltage there are two converters: one with a power rating in the 200W range and a second cost-optimised unit in the 150W range for lower-power requirements.

The range of output voltages and power levels makes the IQ64 half-brick series suitable for a variety of 24, 36, 48 and 72V systems, such as industrial automation, locomotive and railway electronics.

The IQ64 series also addresses many of the UK RIA12 and French NFF 01-510 railway standards.

The use of fixed-switching frequency technology provides predictable EMI performance, which simplifies filtering design.

The feature-rich IQ64 series of DC/DC converters provides on/off control referenced to input side, remote sense for the output voltage and an output-voltage trim range of -20 to +10 per cent.

Protection features include input under-voltage lockout, input over-voltage shutdown, output current limit and short-circuit protection, active back bias limit, output over-voltage protection and thermal shutdown.

All models have at least 2250V DC isolation rating between input and output, have calculated MTBF values in excess of 2MHrs and are fully 6/6 RoHS compliant.

The IQ64 series is available immediately from stock for evaluation and qualification.

Production quantities are available with eight to 12-week lead-times, depending upon volumes.

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