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IQD has introduced a miniature quartz crystal oscillator measuring 3.2 x 2.5mm in a ceramic package with a hermetically sealed metal lid.

The CFPS-39 offers an HCMOS output, operating from a 3.3V supply with commercial (-10 to 70C) and industrial (-40 to 85C) temperature ranges available.

Frequencies from 1.8 to 50.0MHz can be specified along with stabilities down to +/-25ppm depending on the temperature range requested.

Standard frequencies are available from stock to enable engineers to quickly prove their product philosophy.

The CFPS-39 oscillators have been developed with portable applications in mind, their small size being particularly applicable where PCB real estate and weight coupled with high performance are key design requirements.

The CFPS-39 has a range of applications including industrial controls, microprocessor clocks, navigation and hand-held devices.

IQD also offers a complimentary CFPP-39 range of programmable oscillators with the same electrical and mechanical performance to enable non-standard frequencies to be trialled in a short time frame.

The CFPS-39 series can be delivered in bulk-pack or tape-and-reel formats, depending on volumes and requirements.

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