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Silicon Laboratories has launched the Si114x range of infrared (IR) and ambient light sensors for human interface (HI) applications.

The Si114x range, which is the latest addition to the company’s Quicksense HI portfolio, features sensitive, power-efficient and long-range proximity sensors.

Available in a 2 x 2mm package, the Si114x sensors enable proximity sensing and touch-less interfaces for handsets, e-readers, netbooks, tablets, personal media players, toys, office equipment, industrial controls, security systems, point-of-sale stations and many other products.

A proximity sensor’s detection range and sensitivity is determined by the system’s signal-to-noise (SNR); the higher the SNR, the longer the range.

Numerous variables contribute to a system’s SNR including ambient noise/light compensation, photo-diode sensitivity, filtering, and analogue-to-digital converter (ADC) architecture.

Silicon Laboratories said that the Si114x architecture addresses all of these parameters to minimise noise and maximise performance.

The Si114x series’ combined architectural optimisations result in a high system SNR, enabling the Si114x proximity sensors to achieve what is claimed to be the industry’s longest range, highest sensitivity and fastest data-acquisition speed.

Its sensitivity gives developers the flexibility to locate infrared sensors behind semi-opaque product overlays.

The robust infrared sensing architecture also operates in direct sunlight and includes an ambient light sensor capable of sensing light levels up to 128kilolux.

In addition, the Si114x range’s advanced architecture enables proximity measurements in 25microseconds, minimising the on-time of power-hungry infrared LEDs and resulting in low system power consumption – up to 20 times lower than competitive solutions, the company said.

The Si114x range includes sensor options with up to three infrared LED drivers, giving developers the freedom to implement one-dimensional HI systems with a detection range of more than 50cm or multi-dimensional systems capable of gesture sensing with ranges of up to 15cm.

The Si1142 and Si1143 devices, with two and three infrared LED drivers respectively, enable advanced motion and gesture sensing.

With its two integrated LED drivers, the Si1142 supports Z- and X-axis motion sensing for touch-less slider interfaces.

The Si1143, which supports three LED drivers, enables 3D motion sensing for multi-dimensional touch-less control.

When coupled with the intelligent control of a Silicon Laboratories capacitive touch-sense microcontroller, such as an F700, F800 or F99x MCU, the Si114x sensors can enable a range of motion and gesture detection and expected-object distance correction applications.

The Si114x devices’ sensing modes provide valuable information to the MCU to determine the background light type, such as sunlight, fluorescent or incandescent.

This information is useful in many applications to improve infrared proximity sensing, optimise infrared sensing power, enhance backlight-dimming functions in a display, and control other devices within the system.

The Si114x range is supported by the Quicksense Studio, an intuitive software environment that enables developers to program, debug and analyse proximity, ambient light and capacitive touch-sense applications.

Quicksense Studio streamlines the configurations of infrared proximity and ambient light sensors through a library of APIs.

The graphical environment offers the ability to generate C code for proximity and motion detection, gesture detection and algorithmic identification of background light types.

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