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Process Sensors has developed a self-contained non-contact infrared (IR) temperature sensor for applications in high-speed ferrous and non-ferrous metals processing, ceramics and semiconductors.

The Metis HS09/HI16 sensor, which captures 20,000 measurements per second with a 50ms response, is also suitable for applications in research environments where short-duration phenomena such as explosions must be monitored.

Target spot sizes of 0.35mm to 4,000mm in diameter are offered over the same three models, using standard, focusable optics, or 0.5mm to 40mm with focusable lens fibre optics.

Other features include laser aiming and through-lens sighting and an integral black-and-white video camera for monitoring the target area in hazardous or hard-to-access locations.

A peak picker function can be set up to detect and hold the highest measurement in applications where the target is intermittently obscured by steam, dust or surface scale.

Switchable analogue 0-20mA/4-20mA outputs connect with process control or data acquisition equipment.

A fast, digital, RS485, 921kBd maximum communications interface is also included.

IR thermometer parameters can be set up using the company’s free PSCWin software.

The software also facilitates the recording of data in graphical, text or tabular format, according to Process Sensors.

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