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Kane Computing is supplying Flir A-Series IR thermal cameras for demanding industrial automation and inspection applications.

The infrared imaging solution suits applications involving non-contact precision temperature measurement and non-destructive testing.

The cameras are available with features such as power over Ethernet, MPEG4 streamed video, built-in analysis functionality and automatic messaging via email.

Flir A-Series infrared camera systems provide accurate solutions for machine-vision and automation systems that require non-contact imaging and temperature measurements.

They are a complete machine-vision and remote monitoring system that immediately identify thermal problems that would otherwise go undetected.

The built-in logic makes it ideal for safety/security systems, and for product and process monitoring in quality/reliability assurance programs.

The Flir A-Series is said to be the first thermal camera range to be GigE Vision and Genicam compatible, a feature that significantly cuts down integration time.

The camera is fully controlled from a PC and comes with a choice of software for easy configuration and monitoring.

The cameras can be used in the automotive for production processes that involve heat or heat-patterns generation that needs to be monitored and quality checked.

Typical methods are welding, gluing with pre-heated glue, thermoforming, moulding and die casting.

Another application where infrared cameras can be used is PCB checking, where anomalies in the thermal patterns can be detected when the PCB is powered up after the final assembly.

This type of testing is most important for industries dealing with high-reliability electronics or power electronics, where hot spots can indicate early failure.

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