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Ircon, a specialist in infrared (IR) non-contact temperature measurement, and a division of Raytek have introduced the Modline 6 Series of IR thermometers.

The new line of high-performance sensors features advanced signal processing and background-reflected energy compensation capabilities.

It also includes one- and two-colour fibre-optic IR devices designed for harsh operating environments.

The Modline 6 Series thermometers are used in a variety of demanding industrial applications, including metal heat treating, steel production, foundries and primary and secondary glass.

The firmware now provides engineers with enhanced signal processing options, including averaging, ‘peak hold’ and ‘valley hold’.

The thermometers also incorporate an electro-optic design, offering built-in compensation for background-reflected energy.

These features are accessed via the Modline 6 Multidrop Support Software, which is intended for remote sensor configuration and data acquisition, display and archiving.

The software includes demonstration tutorials that pictorially guide users step by step through the setup of signal processing and programmable relay functions.

Proprietary electronics support other advanced features, including two-way serial communications, remote sensor setup and configuration, the real-time display of target temperature and field calibration software.

The Modline 6 sensor includes a fibre-optic re-imaging lens interfacing to an electronics box, which has a bright light-emitting-diode display for access to key sensor functions and live temperature output.

With the Modline 6, there is no need to open the electronics box when adjustments to sensor settings are required.

Modline 6 Series thermometers use high-speed digital signal processors with an RS-485 serial data communications networking capability supporting up to 32 sensors.

System requirements for the Modline 6 Multidrop Support Software include a personal computer with a minimum of 4Mb of RAM operating under Microsoft Windows NT4/2000/XP.

The software is included at no additional cost with all new Modline 6 Series thermometers.

Our mission is to be the leading supplier of infrared, noncontact, industrial temperature measurement instruments in the world.

We strive to develop instruments that improve the productivity, reliability, and efficiency of our customer’s processes and maintenance activities and, ultimately, the quality of their products and services. We use profit as a measure for creating a company where people can develop and use their skills in an exciting, challenging and rewarding environment.

Founded in 1963, Raytek designs, manufactures, markets and services a complete line of infrared, noncontact temperature measurements instruments for industrial, process control and maintenance applications. In addition to our worldwide headquarters in Santa Cruz, Calinfornia USA, European headquarters in Berlin, Germany and our China headquarters in Beijing, China, Raytek has regional offices around the globe and is represented by a worldwide network of authorized distributors.

In 2007, Ircon joined Raytek to offer a complete IR solution to our customers.

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