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Infrared (IR) windows from IRISS are increasingly being adopted by the renewable energy industry, particularly the wind power generation sector. The IR window technology assures the personal safety of operators using thermal imaging to inspect live electrical and mechanical systems.

A modern wind turbine has a typical service life of around 20 years, during which it will be working for up to 120,000 hours. As with any system, maintenance needs and costs increase with age and parts that wear out the quickest are inevitably the rotor blades and gearboxes, estimated to represent up to 20 per cent of the turbine’s total cost.

All manner of electrical or mechanical faults can occur to compromise or halt power generation or indeed become a safety issue and endanger life. With an efficient preventative maintenance programme in place, however, many of these issues can be detected in their infancy. As these faults are generally evidenced by an abnormal thermal profile, thermal imaging is becoming the method of choice for many maintenance professionals serving the renewable energy sector.

The effectiveness of thermal imaging is compromised if the technology cannot be applied to a live system. IRISS window technology is designed to allow the thermographer to conduct uninterrupted inspection and obtain meaningful thermal data on the health of systems.

IRISS windows are said to eliminate virtually all risk associated with arc flash, which can cause significant burns and even fatal injury. Arc flash is often the consequence of opening an electrical panel and exposing the housed electrical system to humidity and a sudden change in temperature.

Key features and benefits

  • IRISS windows are IR data collection points that guarantee the reliability of critical systems in harsh environments.
  • Made from impact-resistant polymer, IRISS IR windows do not degrade in ultraviolet (UV) light.
  • They can be cut to any size and will not shatter, unlike crystal windows.
  • As well as square and oblong windows, IRISS can supply its infrared windows in curved formats, which is said to be particularly valuable for mechanical system inspection as arched or rainbow windows can ‘wrap around’ bearings, pumps, motors and turbines.
  • The range allows UV and visual inspection as well as imaging in the three IR spectra.
  • IRISS IR windows carry an unconditional lifetime warranty and UL, Lloyds, ABS and IEEE certification; non-custom IRISS windows also conform to CSA standards.


IRISS is the manufacturer of the world’s first and only industrial-grade infrared windows. Their design is based on the 17 years of field experience that the company’s founder, Martin Robinson, gained as a Level III thermographer. And it is this end-user perspective that makes IRISS unique in the industry.

IRISS designs and manufacturers IR (Infrared) windows and safety solutions for electrical assets and provides training for electrical engineers.

IRISS provides its customers with unsurpassed quality at every touch point and focusses on continuously improving infrared (IR) window technology, building reliable products, exceeding customer expectations, whilst remaining a science-based R&D company and protecting their polymer IR windows through the IRISS Unconditional Lifetime Warranty.

IRISS industrial-grade IR windows facilitate safer, more efficient inspections of energized electrical equipment when compared to traditional crystal windows. IRISS award-winning, IR window designs feature a durable transparent polymer lens that allows visual, UV, and short/mid/longwave IR spectrum inspections. And…is available in custom shapes, sizes, and colours to fit the needs of any application.

As solution providers, the team at IRISS brings a multitude of experience from world-class maintenance programs together to meet the individual needs of commercial, industrial, marine, power generation and government maintenance programs.

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