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By reversing the length-to-width ratio, German electronics manufacturer Isabellenhuette has expanded the resistance range of its VLx resistors to very low values (1mohm in size 0612, for example).

Other improvements include larger soldering and contact pads, which increase the mechanical stability of the solder joints during temperature and power-cycling and guarantee a better heat-flow into the PC board.

A new mechanical construction significantly increases the mechanical stability and internal heat resistance (Rthi as low as 15K/W), meaning that heat produced within the components is conducted efficiently to the terminations and out of the resistors.

VLx resistors are very small in size but have a high power rating in comparison to similar components.

Their operation temperature range is between -65C and +170C.

These properties guarantee successful application under full power, even at high temperature (size 1020: 2W permanent power at 140C, maximum current 45A, for example).

Some possible applications for VLx resistors are control systems for the automotive industry, power modules, frequency inverters, switch-mode power supplies and current sensors for semiconductor power hybrids.

Sample quantities are available from February 2011 with resistance values of 1, 3, 10 and 50mohm with tolerances of one and five per cent.

Serial production of the resistors is likely to start by mid-2011.

Isabellenhuette Heusler

Isabellenhuette Heusler GmbH and Co KG has its roots in more than 500 years of smelting and metal processing.

The company was first documented in 1482 then in 1827 it was transferred to the Heusler family and today it is one of the globally leading producers of low impedance high precision and performance resistors.

In 1987, Isabellenhuette Heusler was the first business in the world to produce SMD mOhm current sensing resistors. Other business areas include producing thermoelectric and resistance alloys and measuring technology products.

Employees at the office and production site in Dillenburg (Hesse) number approximately 500.

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