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Version 6.0.3 of Isagraf’s 61131-3 and IEC 61499-compliant firmware and workbench for industrial automation product building includes plug-ins such as a sequential function chart (SFC) editor and tools such as Device View and Document Generator.

Featuring unlimited undo/redo, automatic branching, branch-type selection, support for drag-and-drop and keyboard shortcuts, the SFC editor enables users to write level-2 actions in ST or LD, to split windows for level-2 display and to monitor the active step and its timer.

The Device View plug-in, which replaces the Solution Explorer, allows users to graphically find, modify, save and compile any device, enabling them to display device and resource properties, available I/O devices, supported C functions and function blocks.

The Document Generator plug-in allows users to select an item of interest, such as a project or POU, and to generate a Microsoft Word document that contains information such as the full project contents and a complete list of resources, variables and programs.

Features and benefits

  • Modular environment allows users to add or remove components
  • Every component interacts through Isagraf’s Automation Collaborative Platform (ACP)
  • Users can add or remove plug-ins to meet specific automation product requirements
  • Includes plug-ins such as a Ladder Diagram editor, Function Block Diagram (FBD) editor, Structured Text editor, Sequential Function Chart (SFC) editor, Tag Database editor (Dictionary) and an integrated HMI (Isaview)

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