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Isentropic has designed and built a truly reversible heat engine based on an Ericsson thermodynamic cycle.

It can be used interchangeably as an efficient engine or as a heat pump.

To store energy, the heat is pumped from one container of thermal storage material (normally gravel) to another similar container with the same material.

It cools the first container to around -160C while heating the other container to around 500C.

The Isentropic machine can use air or any other gas with significant implications for the reduction of harmful atmospheric chemicals.

The storage containers hold large volumes, so this heat and cold can be stored for a considerable time.

When discharging, the process is reversed and it acts as a heat engine with the heat from the hot container transferring back to the cold container via the machine and releasing most of the energy originally used in charging.

This is used to drive a generator to release the stored energy as electricity.

With Isentropic’s technology, around 75 per cent of the energy supplied to the system as electricity can be returned as electricity.

The engine and stores use 300 times less land and can be installed anywhere.


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