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Ishida Europe will be demonstrating its expertise in automation, product weighing and handling, safety and QC systems at Foodex.

A high-speed tray-packing line, multihead weighing solutions for fresh, sticky products, an entry-level X-ray inspection system and the latest checkweigher developments are among the products that will be shown.

The integrated weighing and tray-sealing system enables fresh and frozen products to be handled with high line efficiency.

Output is up to 120 trays per minute, with minimal waste.

The system combines Ishida’s high-speed RS-216 multihead weigher with its QX-1100 tray sealer.

The RS-216 delivers products in accurate and consistent portions to a tray tracking and filling system, which deposits the portions neatly into the trays.

The filled trays are then sealed by the QX-1100 tray sealer, which features double-track configuration and the use of servo motors to ensure maximum efficiency.

In addition, sealing can be carried out with an inside cut profile to enhance pack presentation.

Further benefits of the line are low manpower and maintenance requirements, and close to zero downtime levels.

The Ishida CCW-R-214W-S/15 Screw Feeder Weigher allows the fully automatic, accurate and consistent weighing of fresh sticky products, such as meat, poultry, fish and seafood.

The Ishida Screw Feed design utilises the circular multihead weigher layout and incorporates rotating corkscrews to replace the traditionally used radial-feed troughs.

The use of these screws provides a controlled and fully automatic product feed to the pool and weigh hoppers.

The 214W-S/15 model incorporates 1.5l pneumatic-driven plastic scraper hoppers with a maximum speed of 60wpm.

The Ishida CCW-NZ-106 Fresh Food Weigher provides another alternative to the handling and weighing of sticky products.

It features a linear multihead design, fed by belts from an infeed table.

Two operators are then stationed within comfortable reach of the product infeed and adjust the flow of product so that each pool hopper receives a roughly equal amount.

Directly beneath the pool hoppers are the weigh hoppers and below these booster hoppers, which hold product not initially selected by the computer.

This frees up the weigh hoppers to accept more product and means that in calculating the best combination of hoppers whose combined weight comes closest to the target weight, the machine’s computer has more combinations to choose from, enabling it to be faster and even more accurate.

As well as its DACS-W-012 checkweigher, Ishida will also be demonstrating its Data Capture System.

The system, which can link up to 100 Ishida checkweighers, is a secure software programme that offers a range of reporting options to enable production managers to employ state-of-the-art monitoring for legislative compliance while identifying cost-saving opportunities, minimising product giveaway and improving production efficiencies.

The Ishida IX-EA-2161 is an entry-level version of the company’s X-ray inspection system.

The model has been designed to inspect products such as thermoform and top-seal trays with a powerful X-ray that enables the machine to offer higher detection levels than a standard metal detector, checking products for a wider range of foreign bodies.

Operating at belt speeds of up to 60m/min, the IX-EA 2161 is able to easily pick up a 0.7mm (d) metal piece, while other contaminants that can be detected include glass, stone, rubber and plastic.

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