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The incorporation of the Ishida DACS checkweigher into the company’s QX-775 tray sealer enables pack weights to be checked prior to sealing to help minimise packaging and product waste.

The QX-775 is suitable for busy and pressurised food manufacturing environments where retailer demands have led to reduced lead times and shorter production runs for an ever increasing number of products and pack formats.

The DACS checkweigher features Ishida’s DSP (digital signal processing), which permits accurate signal processing under a wide range of weighing conditions, and an Ishida built load cell that achieves high sensitivity, response and accuracy.

The QX-775 can operate at up to 17 cycles or 100 packs per minute while maintaining a precise sealing process to ensure high seal quality.

Changes of tray formats can be carried out in less than five minutes with the push-button release system, while film changes take less than three minutes.

The Ishida tray sealer range is suitable for applications such as ready meals, fruit and vegetables, salads, meat, poultry, fish and snacks.

The machines are able to handle many pack types, including aluminium, board, A-PET, C-PET, PVC, PE, PP and PS trays, and film materials, such as PET, nylon/polyamide and coated foils.

For extended shelf life, both gas flushing and vacuum gassing can be specified.

This versatility gives the machines the ability to cope with current and future demands of a developing market.

The QX-775 uses software-controlled servo drives to ensure consistent film speed, film tension and cut off lengths, which allows accurate and consistent tray sealing.

A special film unwind and rewind buffer prevents excess tension on the film to minimise snapping.

In addition, the Ishida inside cut technology enables each tray to be top sealed without any film overlapping the tray rim.

This enhances pack appearance and reduces film consumption by at least five per cent.

The QX-775 compact design means it can fit into existing packing lines or be incorporated into a fully integrated tray packing system – the Ishida RRL.

A swivel-mounted colour touch-screen RCU provides online help, self-diagnostics, fault-finding, instant product set-up and Ethernet connectivity.

It also provides valuable production data that can be fed back to equipment further up the line.

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