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Ishida Europe’s smallest multihead weigher is enabling Swiss dental supplies specialist Polydentia to accurately weigh and pack dental wedges faster than previous manual weighing had permitted.

Polydentia produces a wide range of precision dental products including wedges, posts, matrices, silicon tubes, fixing rings and ID rings, for worldwide export.

For large production runs of its dental wedges, the company selected the small Ishida CCW-M-214W-S/005-SS.

The wedges, which are only a few mm wide, 11-17mm long and made from maple wood in five different formats, are used by dentists to help carry out reconstruction and restoration work.

Ishida said that its Lilliput weigher delivers high speeds, accuracy and efficiency levels close to 100 per cent, and can help pack the wedges by number as well as by weight.

To avoid problems caused by air currents blowing the very small items about during the weighing process, Ishida designed a special protective plexiglass cylinder to completely enclose the weigher.

The Lilliput is used for runs of more than 1,000 packs, working at a rate of 1,000 weighments per hour, compared with 300 for manual weighing.

The weigher provides extra flexibility for Polydentia, allowing it to handle sudden, unexpected increases in production orders, for example.

It has contributed to the reduction of manual labour, helping to protect the business against low-cost competition.

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