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ESS Technology has added the ES9022 Sabre Premier Stereo DAC with 2Vrms driver to its Vista range of high-definition audio-visual products.

This is supported by two low-cost evaluation boards that will enable A/V design engineers to explore the possibilities offered by the new chip.

The ES9022, available from Ismosys, combines the Sabre DAC and a high performance 2Vrms output driver into a D/A converter suitable for line-level output applications such as Blu-Ray players, CD/DVD players, set-top boxes, digital TVs and games consoles.

The ES9022 features Hyperstream architecture and a time domain jitter eliminator.

It supports 24-bit conversion with up to 192kHz sampling rate.

It delivers jitter-free studio-quality audio with 112dB of dynamic range.

It features an integrated charge pump and operates from a single 3.3V supply to drive a ground-centred 2Vrms output.

This reduces system cost by eliminating the need for an output op-amp filter, DC-blocking capacitors, a mute circuit or multi-rail power supplies.

The ES9022’s output level is adjustable via an external resistor, allowing custom output levels below 2Vrms.

Pop-noise is eliminated through comprehensive suppression on power up/down, mute and reset.

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