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Tyco Thermal Controls has developed a range of heaters for intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) and tankers to maintain product loads at an optimum temperature.

Many chemicals, fuels, adhesives, paints, foodstuffs and beverages that are transported in IBCs or tankers are temperature-sensitive and require maintaining within specific temperature ranges to prevent them spoiling, becoming difficult to handle or even changing state.

Tyco’s Isopad business designs and manufactures a range of electrical heating systems for IBCs and mobile tankers of all types, with heating blankets, panels and heating elements mounted directly and securely on the tank surface using a spring fixing construction.

The available formats extend from foil heaters for single journeys through to semi-permanent designs for multi-delivery schedules.

Isopad container heaters are maintenance-free and provide an even heat dissipation on the load.

They can be designed to any shape, dimension, voltage and temperature requirement using the most appropriate cable types.

Temperature limiters can be incorporated within the heaters or, with the addition of a sensor and temperature controller, the customer has flexibility to set a required temperature for each specific load.

Tyco Thermal Controls

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