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Standeldawman, a Lancashire-based manufacturer of electric golf trolleys and related components, has invested in a selection of high-specification cutting tools from ITC.

The company, which produces clutches and additional golf-trolley parts that include axles, gearboxes, speed controllers, handles, bag supports and frame components, has acquired CNC twin-spindle, sliding-head turning centres and CNC machining centres in recent years, so purchasing the correct tooling was the next natural stage.

Standeldawman’s CNC machining section produces aluminium components for golf trolleys as well as tooling for its internal plastic moulding department that provides plastic mouldings for the golf trolleys.

Machining aluminium components in the machine shop became problematic, leading the company to approach ITC.

‘We knew our cycle times and tool life were poor and our surface finishes could be improved, so I spoke with a friend that recommended we try ITC cutters,’ said Gary Dawes, engineering director at Standeldawman.

Upon his first visit to the company, Jason Clark, ITC’s technical sales engineer, was confronted with an aluminium lighting component for a Standeldawman customer.

Clark introduced the 12mm-diameter 2041 Cyber Series square-end carbide milling cutter and changed the machining strategy to increase speeds and feeds beyond the range capabilities of the previous tooling.

Targeting the rough machining process, the 2041 Series reduced the cycle time from 12 minutes to six minutes.

Dedicated to the rough machining of aluminium, the first 2041 Cyber Series cutter was soon accompanied by additional 6mm-, 8mm-, 10mm-diameter cutters.

Further 2041 Series tools were acquired with corner radii.

The international supplier of golf-trolley parts then acquired the 6mm- and 10mm-diameter ranges of ITC’s 2052 Series two-flute ball-nosed ultra-wear-resistant micro-grain carbide cutters for finish machining and the processing of intricate forms.

The success of the aluminium series of ITC cutters led the technical representative to the steel machining department of Standeldawman.

Internally producing tooling for its plastic injection moulding department, Dawes introduced the high-end cutters to a new trolley design that predominantly consisted of plastic moulded parts.

With a new trolley design requiring a new set of tooling, the Hanita 70N7 high-performance solid carbide endmill series was introduced.

With a considerable amount of P20- and H13-grade tool steel being machined, the 70N7 – utilised for machining mould tools for connections, mudguards and brackets – reduced roughing and semi-finishing cycle times from more than two days to a couple of hours on many of the tooling components.

Dawes said: ‘These tools have been perfectly complemented by ITC’s Britcut and Hanita ball-nose cutters for finish machining.

‘The surface finish on our mould tools has improved to the extent that we no longer need to polish parts after machining.

‘We used to machine, polish, etch and anodise our mould tool parts.

‘Taking the polishing away from the process has enabled us to save additional time and move staff from this labour-intensive task.

‘With regard to our machined trolley parts, we increased the step-over and altered our speeds and feeds to purposely leave a small step-over mark on the parts.

‘We deem this as a feature to signify quality and show the parts are precision machined as opposed to being cast,’ he added.

ITC is a round tool specialist with an objective to provide the correct cutting tool at the right time. ITC is confident that its products are the best available. To achieve this, we continue to invest in the right team of time served engineers, equipped with a full CAD-CAM facility dedicated to the design and manufacture of precision cutting tools. Whatever your requirement, from a one-off special to 1000 pieces, ITC can provide your company with a cutting tool that works.

ITC’s state-of-the-art production facility includes CNC grinding machines from world leading manufacturers. We have invested in a centralised oil filtration system to ensure optimum grinding conditions and our inspection department includes computerised laser measuring equipment to maintain the high standards for which ITC is renowned.

We source and stock the best available products from around the world, and hold over 100,000 HSS Co and Solid Carbide tools on the shelf ready for immediate despatch. ITC can also provide a fast modification service – even same day in some cases.

We provide same day despatch on standard stocked lines, whatever your industry sector may be. From production sub-contractor to tool room, through aerospace, motor sport, and the medical industry, from milling, drilling and reaming to de-burring, ITC has the tools and expertise to solve your problem.

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