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ITI Transcendata is to lead customer/supplier interoperability (CSI) during a collaborative design project for the Air Force Research Laboratory.

The product data interoperability business is leading CSI for the Defense Manufacturing Science and Technology Program.

The CSI project will demonstrate automated processes to provide 3D digital data to customers, suppliers, and partners and validate the anticipated cost savings.

Along with ITI, the CSI team is comprised of Lockheed Martin, Honeywell Aerospace and Rockwell Collins.

ITI will facilitate CSI as the prime contractor for PDES, the consortium of government, industry and university organisations serving as a technical advisory committee for the project.

The CSI project will attack the problem of sharing product information during the collaborative phase of design.

The challenges include: differing data requirements across contracts, including standards-based and native-based submittals; supporting native-based submittals for specific CAD systems, versions and model manipulation rules; enabling companies to support complex requirements based on the depth and complexity of the supply chain and the product; and minimising the investment that companies make to manually convert the data or to install, maintain and train engineers on the systems and rules specified in each of the contacts.

The CSI solution will provide automation that eliminates the manual effort required to support variations in data submittal requirements.

The automation will be built as a module of ITI’s Dexcenter solution line.

The environment will provide software (utilities, applications, scripts and so on) elements that automate each specific item in the contract as well as contract language mapping that provides the ability to map internal model characteristics to the contract-specified characteristics without programming.

Workflows will be included that execute the software in a specified sequence based on each contract and dynamically change to improve the conversion results.

Database capabilities to store and use information about contracts, programs, customers, partners, suppliers, translators, ITAR, PIAs and so on, which can be reused across a program for consistent data sharing and regulatory compliance, are also part of ITI’s Dexcenter solution.

The benefits of the CSI project include cost reduction in the upfront design phases when collaboration requirements drive data sharing on a day-to-day basis and reduced time-to-market by eliminating delays in manual preparation of product data for sharing and delivery.

The CSI project will tackle the highest-cost elements of interoperability in the context of collaborative design, technical data packages, design-to-packages and build-to-packages.

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