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Itrinegy has announced a rental programme providing organisations with the option to rent Itrinegy products.

Itrinegy’s network emulation and performance monitoring solutions are used by customers worldwide.

Customers can now put these network and application deployment testing tools to work immediately, through Itrinegy’s rental programme, which includes ‘rent-to-buy’ options.

This applies to both Itrinegy’s INE network emulator products and its AppQoS networked application performance and usage monitoring tools.

‘We are introducing attractive rental pricing models across our product range so that we can help companies to ensure their applications will work well in the network before and after roll-out,’ said Frank Puranik, product director for Itrinegy.

With many applications expected to work in wide area networks (WAN), over wireless networks (3G/Edge/GPRS, public Wi-Fi), via satellite links and over radio networks, the ability to conduct comprehensive pre-deployment testing of application performance and develop in the correct network environment is paramount.

The use of Itrinegy network emulation technology eliminates the chance of roll-out failure due to network conditions and, where companies develop their own software, the need for retrospective and expensive code rewrites and fixes.

The ability to rapidly spot how an application is performing and being used in the production network, through the use of tools such as Itrinegy AppQoS, means support teams can keep user downtime to a minimum.

‘A huge plus of our rental model is that any rental fees paid will not be wasted as initial rental expenditure can count towards a purchase, if and when organisations make the decision to purchase one of our products for permanent use,’ added Puranik.

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