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Industrial Tomography Systems (ITS) has introduced a validated version of its popular electrical resistance tomography p2000 system.

The company has invested in conducting a pre-validation exercise with ABB Life Sciences.

This effectively tests the use of ITS technology against criteria set out in GAMP 4 and also relates closely to GAMP 5.

The p2000 helps characterise complex processes such as crystallisation, as well as determining concentration variations through a vessel.

ITS also provides information on key unit processes such as mixing, filtration and liquid-liquid separation.

This offers the benefit of reducing batch cycle times and improving batch-to-batch consistency.

At present, the standard applications for process tomography which have been validated through to factory acceptance testing are: interface detection with linear sensor; homogeneity measurement with linear sensor; two-phase flow visualisation with circular sensor.

Industrial Tomography Systems

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