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Ittia delivers support for High Availability in the Ittia DB SQL relational database software so that embedded software developers can accelerate their application development.

Ittia DB SQL High Availability uses replication and online backup to connect databases across a system, ensuring that data is always available.

Highly available systems are designed to operate continuously by leveraging redundant components.

For such systems, Ittia DB SQL is claimed to be the ideal data management technology as it creates and maintains redundant copies so that data is always available through any failures, intermittent network connections and similar unpredictable errors.

Since Ittia DB SQL is a cross-platform database, any combination of hardware can be used to create redundancy, and applications embedded with Ittia DB benefit from flexibility for handing a range of scenarios.

Replication is said to be convenient to use in Ittia DB SQL, whether data always moves one way only or is exchanged bi-directionally between many peer databases.

Dynamic configuration settings are stored directly in each database file and can be applied without any restart or reload step.

Changes are automatically tracked and can be exchanged with peers whenever a connection is available.

Ittia DB SQL Online Backup provides a disaster-proof feature for embedded software developers.

There is no single way to prevent disasters and the damage caused when data is destroyed.

For this reason, Ittia DB SQL supplements built-in crash recovery with safe backup technology that does not interrupt access to the database, both for reading and writing.

Ittia DB SQL is a cross-platform product, and supported platforms include Linux, Windows, QNX and ThreadX.

The company is offering a free webcast entitled ‘High Availability for Embedded Development’.

In this free interactive presentation, developers can learn how to make sure that their applications are highly available and are shown how to avoid becoming a victim of frequent breakdowns in a production system.

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