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ITW Devcon has developed two fire-retardant epoxy adhesives designed for bonding metals, fabrics, ceramics, wood, vinyl and concrete within applications found in the aerospace, marine, electricity generation and rail industries.

The white, two-part, self-extinguishing IFR adhesives can be supplied in two versions: as a five-minute working-time version with a fast cure time of one hour or a 10-minute non-sagging version that cures in three hours and is particularly suitable for us on vertical and overhead surfaces.

According to the company, the products are available in cartridges, are easy to mix and can be applied using a dispensing gun.

The adhesives are claimed to offer benefits, including fast curing, noise and vibration dampening, a low co-efficient of thermal expansion, lightweight but strong bonds, high corrosion and fatigue resistance and good impact and peel strengths.

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