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Scottish ready-meal producer Strathmore Foods said that it is experiencing reduced labour costs and increased production efficiencies since installing two denesting systems from Ixia.

The IPP 190 single lane and IPP 290 twin lane CPET tray pick-and-place pneumatic denesters are installed on conveyors at the frozen and chilled ready-meal producer’s plant, where their reliability and flexibility have facilitated quick tray size changeover.

Having become increasingly dissatisfied with its previous denester breaking down and requiring constant operator intervention, Strathmore approached Ixia to provide a high-speed system that met food hygiene requirements and was capable of efficiently and accurately handling a wide range of container styles – with minimum supervision.

Ixia installed an IPP 190 single-lane denester on Strathmore’s McIntosh ready-meal line where it runs at speeds up to 40 trays per minute.

The IPP 290 twin lane system is now operating at speeds up to 60 packs per minute for Strathmore’s own-brand cottage pies.

Ixia denesters incorporate the Snapdragon tooling system, specially designed by the company to change tray types and sizes in two minutes, completely tool free.

This results in decreased downtime and improved line efficiency.

The denesters are capable of handling closely stacked plastics, aluminium foil and cardboard trays, cartons, pizza bases, pots and containers in a variety of shapes at high speeds as part of an automated food processing and packaging line.

At each stage of production, the machines undergo extensive and rigorous testing checks.

Available for high-performance washdown environments, the compact pneumatically driven ‘plug-and-go’ denesters can be supplied as stand-alone units, or be fully integrated into many different types of filling, tray-sealing and flow-wrapping machines.

Ixia denesters can be used for the various pack changes required on today’s production lines and are designed to offer versatility, increased efficiency, cost savings and elimination of repetitive strain injuries.

As well as denesters, Ixia designs and manufactures lidding, closure, gating and foil crimping systems for a variety of food sectors including bakery, ready meals, dairy, meat, fresh and chilled produce, confectionery and pizza and pasta.

In addition to standard machines, the company can custom-build machines to suit individual customer requirements.

Ixia also offers spare parts, tooling, flexible warranty packages and training.

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