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Ixia Packaging Systems has introduced a five-lane Lid Placement and Closure System, which incorporates a high-speed conveyor gating device.

The system enhances production-line efficiencies by automating a traditionally labour-intensive process and improving pack integrity and food safety.

Ixia developed the five-lane Lid Placement and Closure System to accurately and securely fit thermoformed plastic lids to various sizes and shapes of food trays.

It can handle up to 120 packs per minute.

Ixia can customise the system to suit different output requirements.

Easy to set up and operate, Ixia’s machine accumulates filled trays and, using a star-wheel gating device, passes five containers at high speeds into a controlled ‘lug’ belt system.

The packs are then passed under the five-lane lidder, where a lid is held and placed in position over each tray.

Using a double-action mechanism, the lids are ‘clipped’ down onto the trays for final closure.

For added flexibility, the Lid Placement and Closure System incorporates Ixia’s Snapdragon quick-change tooling, which allows the operator to change tray types and sizes in less than two minutes, without using tools.

This results in decreased downtime and improved line efficiency.

As a fully modular system, the unit can be easily transferred between different lines or moved for cleaning.

It is IP65 compliant and is suitable for high-performance wash-down environments.

In addition, the Ixia Lid Placement and Closure System frees up vital production space normally accommodated by operatives and prevents the bottle neck that typically occurs in the manually operated lidding area.

It reduces the risk of human error by ensuring lids are closed for maximum pack integrity throughout the distribution chain.

Automating the process removes the potential for repetitive strain injury claims or damage to operators’ fingers when manually press-closing the lids.

Ixia’s pneumatically driven denesters can handle closely stacked plastics, aluminium foil and cardboard trays, cartons, pizza bases, pots and containers in a variety of shapes at high speeds as part of an automated food-processing and packaging line.

At each stage of production, the machines undergo extensive and rigorous testing checks to ensure technical excellence.

As well as denesting equipment, Ixia offers a range of lidding, closing and gating systems for a variety of food sectors including bakery, ready meals, dairy, meat, fresh and chilled produce, confectionery and pizza and pasta.

As well as supplying a series of standard machines, the company can custom-build machines to suit individual customer requirements.

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