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Ixys has added 900V devices to its Polar Hiperfet power Mosfet product portfolio.

Available with drain current ratings from 10.5A to 56A, these new 900V additions complement the company’s high-voltage Polar Hiperfet Mosfet product line (available from 500V to 1,200V), giving the end customer a broader selection range of energy-efficient high-voltage Mosfet solutions to choose from.

The 900V devices combine advantages derived from Ixys’s Polar Technology platform and Hiperfet process to provide improved power efficiency and reliability in demanding high-voltage conversion systems that require bus voltage operation of up to 700V.

The company’s Polar Technology platform has been tailored to minimise on-state resistance while maintaining a low gate charge.

This results in a substantial reduction in the conduction and switching losses of the device.

Lower thermal impedances are also achieved, increasing the total power density capability of these devices.

Power switching capabilities are further enhanced with a fast intrinsic diode with low reverse recovery charge (Qrr) and improved turn-off dV/dt immunity.

The improved turn-off dV/dt immunity provides safety margins for the stresses encountered in high-voltage switching applications.

These combined device attributes allow for improved efficient topologies in hard-switching inverters, switch-mode/resonant-mode power supplies, high-voltage lighting, AC/DC motor drives, robotics/servo controls, industrial machinery and active power factor correction circuits.

Ixys offers a full range of discrete standard through-hole and surface-mount packages for these new Polar Hiperfet additions.

Versions are also offered in the proprietary Isoplus packages, providing UL-recognised 2,500V isolation with superior thermal cycling and thermal performance, according to the company.

Some part-number examples are: IXFR18N90P (900V, 10.5A, Rdson no greater than 660mohm, Isoplus); IXFV12N90P (900V, 12A, Rdson no greater than 900mohm, Plus220); IXFT18N90P (900V, 18A, Rdson no greater than 600mohm, TO268); IXFH24N90P (900V, 24A, Rdson no greater than 420mohm, TO247); IXFN40N90P (900V, 33A, Rdson no greater than 210mohm, SOT227); and IXFB52N90P (900V, 52A, Rdson no greater than 160mohm, Plus264).

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