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Jacob UK has supplied a modular pipework system for Ricoh’s manufacturing plant in Telford to assist the recovery and recycling of toner materials used in the manufacture of printer consumables.

Ricoh, an IT company, is committed to minimising waste and achieving zero landfill, which can be seen at the Telford plant, where Jacob has supplied a modular pipework system designed to extract surplus toner and other manufacturing waste prior to filtration and recycling.

Bryn Lowndes, senior projects engineer for Ricoh at the Telford plant, said: ‘The advantage of having a modular pipework system should not be underestimated, as this gives us the flexibility to quickly change the pipework layout when machines are moved or relocated.’ A network of galvanised pipes measuring 60mm to 80mm in diameter collects surplus toner from manufacturing areas using a balanced high-pressure vacuum system to maintain operational efficiency throughout the plant, irrespective of the volume required at any one time.

Vacuum efficiency is maintained in the Jacob modular pipework system by using conductive U-shaped seals manufactured from Keltan (EPDM) at all the connection points.

This provides good conductivity for powder materials while giving the added benefit of being ATEX compliant for 3D equipment in Zone 22 for use in hazardous areas.

Working alongside the high-pressure vacuum system is a high-volume, low-pressure extraction system, operating continuously to remove powder and dust particles from the air in the vicinity of process equipment.

The Jacob modular pipework system increases from 200mm to 300mm in diameter and is galvanised for a long life.

Extracted materials are conveyed to an external bag filter, which separates and recovers the toner materials.

These are then classified as non-waste byproducts and are sold as raw material.

Despite being a large extraction system, the majority of the Jacob pipework is located out of sight, high in the ceiling ducts, but accessible via maintenance gangways.

With pipework diameters from 60mm to 800mm and a range of forks, bends, T pieces, valves and distributors, Jacob modular pipework is suitable for creating an efficient and flexible extraction system that can adapt to changing requirements.

Every Jacob pipe section has a machine-lipped end and is fitted with a specially designed U-shaped gasket and removable connector; as a result, a 3bar overpressure-certified connection is created.

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