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Jacob has supplied a stainless-steel modular pipework ducting system for Cadbury at Marlbook.

The system was designed and installed by Jex Engineering to assist in the production of chocolate crumb, which is later refined to produce Cadbury Dairy Milk products.

Jacob modular stainless-steel ducting is again used on the extraction side of the plant to feed the used air through a filtration system to remove particles and remove the exhaust air via a noise attenuator to the atmosphere.

The 400mm-diameter ducting has a manually adjusted throttle valve on the exit from the filter to balance the airflow across the system.

Cadbury’s Len Eades said: ‘By using modular stainless-steel pipework supplied by Jacob, we are able to quickly disassemble the ducting when the plant is due for cleaning or routine maintenance, saving considerable time and cost.’ Atex compliant, every Jacob pipe section has a machine-lipped end that, when fitted with a U-shaped gasket manufactured from Keltan (EPDM) and a removable connector, creates a three-bar overpressure-certified connection, providing conductivity.

The thin-walled ducting sections are easily dismantled and reconnected using the Quick-Connect pull-ring system, designed and manufactured by Jacob.

Air movement within a Jacob pipeline is enhanced with the smooth-pressed bends, which assist airflow with the minimum of resistance.

Standard accessories include inspection doors, visualisation ducts, diverters, product-control and air-control valves, all manufactured to high tolerances.

The majority of the Jacob ducting and pipework is located out of sight, but is accessible for inspection and maintenance.

With pipework diameters from 60 to 800mm and a comprehensive range of forks, bends, T pieces, valves and distributors, Jacob modular pipework is suitable for creating an efficient and flexible system that can adapt to changing requirements.

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