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JAE has introduced the FI-XP connector series for low-profile display interfaces, combining low overall height with enhanced strength to support robust connections to the latest thin LCDs.

The insulator and metal shell are optimised for high resilience against pulling and lifting of the cable, to withstand rough handling by equipment installers or end users.

A mechanical lock also prevents un-mating due to shock and vibration.

The FI-XP bottom-mount board receptacle has 30 positions, 1mm pitch, and a low mounted height of 1mm, suitable for ultra-low-profile displays.

The cable receptacle’s total height of 1.55mm also contributes to a slimline interconnect, allowing equipment designers to eliminate bulky interconnections between computing devices and emerging flat-panel monitors.

The connectors can be used with AWG14 and AWG42 coaxial cable, or AWG32 and AWG36 discrete wire.

The connectors are lead-free and RoHS-compatible, with signal terminations featuring a nickel barrier for long-term solder-joint reliability.

The operating temperature range of -40 to 85C allows use in a wide range of consumer and professional environments.

The PCB footprint for the FI-XP receptacle is the same as JAE’s current FI-X connector.

In addition, compatibility with the FI-X cable plug eases adoption of the tougher FI-XP connectors in existing product designs.

The FI-XP has 150 per cent greater lifting endurance than the FI-X series.

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