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JAI has announced the release of colour versions of its TM-77X and RM-67X lines of small interlaced CCD video cameras targeted primarily at defence and homeland security applications.

The new camera models are the TMC-773 and TMC-775 – NTSC color cameras with 1/3in and 1/2in sensor formats, respectively – and the RMC-673 and RMC-675 – the PAL versions of these cameras.

These cameras join the six previously announced monochrome models – three with RS-170 interfaces and three with CCIR interfaces – to give customers a full range of choices for traditional analogue applications, such as vehicle-mounted systems and other high-end surveillance or situational awareness scenarios.

With the same physical footprint for all three models, designers can find the right model to fit the optics in their current system designs, or gradually migrate from one platform to the other as needs evolve.

The TMC-773 and TMC-775 provide standard 768 x 494 NTSC TV output at 30fps using the Sony ICX258AKL and ICX428AKL CCDs.

The RMC-673 and RMC-675 output a PAL-format TV signal at 752 x 582 pixels and 25fps using the Sony ICX259AKL and ICX429AKL sensors.

The colour cameras provide high sensitivity and image quality with signal-to-noise ratios of better than 50dB.

They also operate with reduced EMI emissions measured at 12dB below the maximum limit for Class A products.

A single 15-pin connector is used for power, camera control and video output.

All camera features can be controlled via RS-232 commands over this single interface cable.

Other standard features include electronic shuttering up to 1/100,000th of a second, horizontal mirror image capability and an integrated three-axis control function that can be used to operate motorised zoom lenses, change focus and iris settings, move pan and tilt heads, or any combination of three external control circuits.

JAI has also created a variety of configuration options that are well suited to the rigors of outdoor applications.

Included is Auto Level Control (ALC) to automatically adjust gain and shutter settings during changing lighting conditions; conformal coating; pixel blemish compensation; and extended temperature capability for operating in temperatures ranging from -40C to +65C.

All three camera housings are 32mm (h) x 42mm (w) x 48mm (d) and support C-mount lenses with adjustable back focus.

Board-level versions are also available for large-quantity OEM orders.

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