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James Walker has extended its contract to serve Rio Tinto factories with technical assistance and a range of products including compression packings, hydraulic seals and Walkersele radial lip seals.

For a number of years, James Walker has served Rio Tinto factories in the UK and France.

The extended contract will see the company service an additional 15 Rio Tinto Alcan plants across Europe and Africa.

In partnership with the client’s local purchasing and technical personnel, James Walker’s commercial and engineering teams will initially work to implement a programme of product and process reviews.

The overall aim of this multi-site international project is to create savings for Rio Tinto Alcan by lowering the total cost of ownership of fluid sealing components.

This will be achieved through a combination of factors including extended product life, improved plant performance, reduced maintenance and downtime costs, plus improved inventory control and logistics.

Total cost of ownership is a James Walker initiative that focuses on the maintenance schedule for each plant item at a site.

It helps to maximise plant efficiency by pinpointing the most cost-effective sealing products that will give reliable and effective operation between planned outages.

In some circumstances, further cost benefits can be realised by extending the maintenance periods.

James Walker and Co

James Walker is a dynamic global manufacturing organisation that supplies a vast range of high performance fluid sealing products and associated knowledge-based services to virtually every sector of industry. Our activities range from research and development, product application, manufacture and supply, to plant monitoring, on-site maintenance and seal refurbishment. An intimate knowledge of the industrial plant and processes used by our customers worldwide enables us to solve their fluid sealing problems with best value systems designed to minimise total cost of ownership.

State-of-the-art skills in materials technology, particularly relating to elastomers, polymers, composites and engineering plastics, are central to our success — in addition to the core disciplines of high performance sealing technology and tribology. Extensive expertise in the precision machining of exotic alloys for metallic seals, and tension control fasteners for bolted joints, positions us firmly at the forefront of these technologies. We therefore claim that our products and expertise help to keep industry worldwide running safely and efficiently year-in and year-out.

Our worldwide family of companies has 11 production, engineering, distribution and customer support sites in the UK, and a further 40 spread across Continental Europe, Australia, New Zealand, SE Asia, South Africa and the USA. At the local level, a close-knit network of James Walker companies and official distributors supplies our products and services to over 100 countries. Highly developed e-commerce systems and logistics operations give customers the surety of supply they need. We also work in partnership with customers at all levels. The long-term contracts we forge with multinational corporations cover the requirements of their plants across many continents.

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