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JCB Industrial has, for the third consecutive year, chosen to use a Thorworld mobile yard ramp for its live telescopic forklift demonstrations to VIP customers and dealers.

JCB used the Thorworld ramp in conjunction with a container vehicle at two events at its headquarters in Rocester, Staffordshire, to showcase the overall performance and versatility of its Teletruk counterbalanced forklifts.

The Teletruk offers a small working footprint while being able to carry a high load capacity over most surfaces and gradients, thus making the machines suitable for use in busy and congested yards.

The demonstration events are designed to give VIP customers from the transport, logistics, waste recycling, builders merchant, industrial and materials handling sectors, as well as JCB’s fork truck dealers, a good understanding of how effective and versatile the machines are.

Thorworld mobile container ramps are suitable for the fast loading and unloading of vehicle trailers and containers by fork truck, particularly where there is no raised loading dock, such as in the JCB demonstration arena at the company’s Staffordshire headquarters.

A JCB spokesman said: ‘We decided to use a Thorworld mobile yard ramp again as it was important to show exactly how the Teletruk performs in a real-world working environment.

‘Our arena is a purpose-designed demonstration area, so the Thorworld mobile ramp and the container vehicle are essential for simulating a realistic working environment,’ added the spokesman.

Thorworld mobile yard ramps feature a steel superstructure and a solid beam construction.

Available as Standard, Deluxe and Super Deluxe (light, medium and heavy-duty) models, with 6,000kg, 7,000kg, 10,000kg, 12,000kg or 15,000kg capacities, they can be purchased outright or hired through the company’s Rentaramp operation with a sale or return option.

Hydraulically operated down to 890mm, the ramps have a serrated open-grid deck for positive traction in all weather conditions, are CE marked and fully meet all European safety standards and directives.

Bespoke models can also be supplied to meet individual customer requirements and a service and maintenance backup facility is available to help ensure that the ramps are always kept in a safe working condition.

‘These events show exactly how forklift vehicles such as the Teletruk can quickly and easily load/unload goods to/from a trailer or container vehicle, with the additional benefit that the ramp can also be relocated on site as and where required,’ said John Meale, managing director of Thorworld Industries.

Thorworld provides a range of loading and unloading equipment and loading bay accessories and safety aids, such as dock shelters and seals, dock levellers, modular loading docks, dock plates and boards, dock and vehicle bumpers, wheel chocks and mobile loading ramps, as well as the Truckloada mobile yard lift and the Dockloada scissor lift platform.

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