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A manufacturer of grinding machines for the renewable energy sector has asked Jena Tec to design and produce a grinding spindle that can carry out two jobs in one with two different fixed wheels.

The solution to develop a spindle able to grind with two different wheel grades without the use of an expensive tool changer mechanism demanded the combination of the experience of the customer and the linear and rotary motion background of Jena Tec working as a team to develop a customised spindle suitable for a demanding grinding operation.

Jena Tec’s solution was to develop a motorised spindle capable of grinding at speeds of up to 6,000rev/min with a special splined dual-shaft arrangement utilising a seal and bearing arrangement, which allows a static position rotating outer shaft to hold a large-diameter grinding wheel while maintaining a smaller-diameter inner grinding wheel maintained in a fixed rotational position from inner to outer wheel.

Utilising Jena Tec’s precision linear motion components, the system uses a servo drive and gearbox arrangement to extend the inner shaft and wheel precisely when required while keeping accurate run-out and stability.

Through-spindle coolant was also required and achieved through the use of a specialist Deublin coupling.

The customer also required the use of spring water cooling, which meant providing specific elements of the machine tool spindles in corrosion-resistant materials.

The key benefit to the customer was that it can combine roughing and finishing operations with two different wheels on the same machine tool spindle, thus saving the number of fixed position spindles needed within the machine layout and reducing machine footprint and the handling time in between operations.

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