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GE Jenbacher gas engines are to be used in a landfill gas-to-energy project, unveiled in Istanbul on 25 April by Turkey’s prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The project, owned by Ortadogu Enerji Sanayi Ve Ticaret, was developed as part of a national initiative to reduce the environmental impact of solid waste facilities and use the landfill gas to generate electricity, said Ahmet Gur, chairman.

Located at two landfill sites in Istanbul, Odayeri and Komurcuoda, the renewable energy plants will be powered by 23 Jenbacher landfill gas engines.

The first nine units have been commissioned, and the final systems are scheduled to be delivered in 2010.

Once the final units begin operation, the nearly 35MW project will produce enough renewable energy to support the monthly requirements of approximately 100,000 average households in Istanbul, said GE Energy’s Mete Maltepe.

The two sites have a total waste disposal volume of 47 million tonnes and a daily disposal rate of about 14,000 tonnes.

Methane-rich landfill gas is created as organic solid waste gradually breaks down.

To prevent uncontrolled venting of the gas, it is extracted via a network of pipes, processed and fed into GE’s Jenbacher engines to generate a renewable supply of electricity.

Capturing the gas to create renewable electricity will help reduce the landfills’ annual emissions by an average of 1 million tonnes of CO2 equivalents during the 22-year life span of the plants, says the project owner.

The gas-to-energy project is being registered for international carbon credits to help provide financial support through a carbon credit trading system.

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