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ATS, represented in the UK by Jenton, has launched a coil-banding machine specifically for securing cable coils, hoses, tubes and closed products such as hangars, gaskets and frames.

The banding machine (US-2000RD-V) is versatile, with an adjustable table allowing the product to be precisely positioned for sealing and capable of varying degrees of closure, from easy hand opening to strong seals, as required.

The banding (of paper, film or ribbon) can be printed as a label, can secure neat stacks and can also provide tamper evidence.

Another benefit is that this banding technique can avoid the use of a knife and so eliminates the risk of injury.

The use of ultrasonics for sealing results in the machine being immediately ready for use and allows the use of cheaper, uncoated materials.

ATS’s DCP 2000 V5 digital control unit is easy to operate with a multifunction menu selection and a soft tension menu for fragile product.

The display shows machine status and error messages.

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