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Jenton International has announces that its Jenton Autotester seal tester has been updated.

The tester tests every pack and only rejects those with leaks.

Seal testing has the potential to reduce waste by eliminating product recalls, and as all packs are tested online, rejected packs can be reworked, allowing for reduced loss of product.

The Jenton-Ariana test system subjects each pack to the longest possible test time in order to identify and reject the smallest possible seal defects.

It is available in various multi-lane and row configurations, to suit any standard gas-flush thermoformer where packs contain headspace.

Operator control is via the colour touch-screen display.

Controlled Atmosphere Packaging (CAP) of fresh produce has extended the shelf life of many perishable products.

The Jenton Autotester Seal Tester/Converger detects leaking packs at source and allows product removal and repacking.

Sound packs are converged in to a single lane for metal detection, check-weighing and pricing systems.

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