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Jet Environmental technology can help warehouse owners comply with MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) guidelines when storing pharmaceutical products.

The MHRA states that temperatures within pharmaceutical warehouses must be controlled to prevent deterioration of medicinal products.

John Taylor, group manager of regulatory assessment at MHRA, said: ‘Some companies use mean kinetic temperature (MKT) measurement as a practical way to assure themselves and regulators that minor temperature excursions of up to 30C will not affect product quality.

‘However, where MKT is used, companies must ensure that the number of excursions above 25C is kept to a minimum.

‘MKT must not be used to compensate for poor practices.

‘If an organisation is found on inspection not to be applying an acceptable degree of temperature control of the storage environment, it is cited in the inspection report and the organisation is required to take appropriate corrective action.’ Such action could include installing new equipment.

The Jet Environmental system provides a guaranteed temperature tolerance of +/-1C throughout the warehouse at floor level and throughout the height of the building, providing low running costs and preventing product degradation.

Jet-air induction technology is a cost effective, low-carbon way to heat and cool large warehouses.

Boots is one of Jet Environmental’s customers.

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