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Jetcam has announced the release of version 16.06.00 of Jetcam Expert Cadcam nesting software for all punching and profiling machines.

Following on from the initial v16 release in 2008, the latest version includes tool teach facilities to allow Jetcam Expert Premium systems to intelligently learn a user’s tooling or profiling preferences.

Once these preferences are learnt, further parameters can be applied, such as the ability to allow or deny part mirroring or rotation.

All subsequent parts requiring the saved tooling style can then be processed automatically.

Automation from different Cad systems has also been enhanced, with import filters added for Solidedge, Solidworks and Autopol.

When used in conjunction with Jetcam’s automated features such as SCAP (Single Component Automatic Processing), complete directories of Cad files can be imported, tooled, nested and NC code generated.

Finishing cut sequences, which appeared in the initial v16 release, have been further enhanced with features such as separate horizontal and vertical settings for start corner and direction.

Other features include web nesting, a number of machine specific features and support for several new machines.

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