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Korenix has announced that the Jetnet 4706-w/Jetnet 3706-w series of industrial PoE-plus switches are available in a wide temperature model, from -40C to +60C for use in harsh environments.

The Jetnet 4706 series’ PoE-plus capability makes it a good solution for powering Wimax systems.

Its rugged and reliable design also fits for railway surveillance, airport surveillance, highway surveillance and utility surveillance.

In addition to IEC60068-2-1, IEC60068-2-2, IEC60068-2-3 and IEC60068-2-30 standard temperature tests, Jetnet 4706-w/JetNet 3706-w took the stress cyclic test with full PoE loading.

The temperature test repeated three cycles and stood more than 50h.

Jetnet 4706-w/Jetnet 3706-w passed the test without any incorrect or packet loss.

Features of Jetnet 4706/Jetnet 3706 series are: four-port IEEE 802.3af PoE (15.4W) and IEEE 802.3at PoE-plus (30W); up to 100W total power budget; patented multiple super ring technology, failover time less than 5ms; IEC 61373 vibration and shock test for railway applications; and maximum -40C to +60C operating temperature.

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