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JLT has announced the launch of the JLT 1214, a rugged PC ideal for use in demanding industrial environments.

The JLT 1214 incorporates built-in WLAN, dual-diversity Wi-Fi antennas, Bluetooth connectivity, uninterruptible power supply and power stabilisation.

The PC is operation-ready straight out of the box.

First designed for use on forklifts, the device can be vehicle mounted, where it simply plugs into a vehicle power supply and it can handle voltages from 9-72VDC.

In addition, the device can withstand power outages of up to 10 minutes and can be readily swapped from one location or vehicle to another.

The rugged JLT 1214 is built to take on the most extreme of working conditions, from cold stores to high temperatures.

With an IP65 watertight rating and resilience to shock and vibration, the device enables trouble-free operation shift after shift.

In addition, the easy-to-use 12in touch-screen display allows use in bright and poor light conditions.

The JLT 1214 incorporates power-efficient technology, including the new Intel Atom processor running at 1.6GHz.

The computer runs all standard MS Windows programs and connects to all Windows-supported hardware via many interfaces – four USB and one RJ45 10/100-TP Ethernet connection.

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