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Plymouth-based Marlin Submarines has selected the JLT 15021 large-screen PC for running the navigation and autopilot systems in its new manned submersible.

Supplied by JLT UK, the 15.1in MIL-SPEC 810F touch-screen Windows PC is suitably robust for use on board the submarine, where the potential for high temperature and humidity and the occasional sea-water dousing would render other equipment inoperable.

The JLT computer also provides portability between the vessel and the operations office.

Marlin will use the JLT to run its navigational and autopilot software, as well as using it for sonar applications and image capture from the onboard 360deg camera pod.

The touch screen will provide an interface to the various software programs.

‘The screen size and resolution is ideal for our application and its portability offers the advantage of being able to work on the system in the comfort of the office,’ said James Riggs, design engineer, Marlin Submarines.

Marlin has been building submarines since 1986 and its underwater vehicles are used all around the world for both commercial and recreational pursuits.

The company’s latest project provides a long-range test platform for marine instrumentation and sonar surveys.

JLT PCs incorporate an aircraft grade aluminium chassis with a high-tech outer casing that resists chemical attack and provides a waterproof and dust-proof seal.

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