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John Burn has been appointed by Holdtite to distribute the Macroplexx range of structural adhesives to the UK’s composite and rapid-prototyping markets.

The 5000 series contains the latest generation of structural Methacrylate adhesives, combining 1:1, 10:1 and bulk delivery systems.

Unlike many of the older Methacrylate systems that adopt single co-polymer chemistry, this range shares the technique of a five co-polymer process.

This process can deliver an even higher level of tensile, impact and shear strength than the conventional technology, in both composite and metal applications.

The development of this diverse range has been closely co-ordinated and structured with new and emerging substrate technology.

The 3000 series of products provides an established and complete portfolio of acrylic bonding technology.

This chemistry allows the high shear strength and temperature resistance of conventional acrylics to be combined with the increased peel and impact strength offered by a rubber-toughened adhesive.

Incorporated within the technology are a number of non-flammable systems.

In addition, the advanced cure mechanisms allow a number of assembly methods to be applied, providing the versatility necessary for automated OEM manufacture.

John Burn

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