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John Crane has published a brochure describing its wireless 3in1 Vessel Monitoring System (VMS).

The 3in1 VMS technology allows the remote monitoring of individual seal-support systems.

The brochure details the many benefits this technology can offer the end user.

Maintaining the barrier fluid in a seal-support system within set parameters gives the seal a stable operating environment that will maximise its operating efficiency and working life.

The brochure explains how the 3in1 VMS technology remotely monitors the barrier fluid for pressure, temperature and level in real-time, which allows it to provide early indication of problems that are likely to arise.

That information can then be used to take preventative action at an early stage, allowing the user to avoid a costly seal failure and benefit from improved pump availability and reduced maintenance costs.

This robust, quick and easy-to-install wireless system reduces project costs and minimises maintenance requirements.

The new brochure explains how it also lowers the capital cost of seal-system expansion projects and provides accurate and reliable proof of monitoring for compliance purposes.

It outlines technical details on aspects such as instrument accuracy, installation, user interface and operational capability.

An example read-out shows what information the system provides when tracking a likely seal failure.

John Crane can install, configure and commission the system.

It can also train end-user personnel and provide ongoing support.

An accompanying datasheet provides comprehensive technical specifications.

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