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John Crane has launched a sealing solution that meets the design requirements for wet- and dry-running service capabilities with one common seal platform.

The cartridge split seal is available in two variations – the Type 3740 for wet-running and the Type 3740D for dry-running services.

The Type 3740 wet-running seals allow fast and easy installation while providing reliable performance in demanding pump and other rotating equipment fluid services.

The Type 3740D dry-running split seal is designed for the large shaft run-out and harsh operating conditions commonly associated with top-entry vessel mixing services and other dry-running applications.

Typical wet-running equipment applications include pumps and side-entry agitators, while the dry-running version is for top-entry mixers and other dry-environment sealing services that frequently have large levels of shaft run-out.

The seal family features a minimum number of factory pre-assembled components.

The Type 3740 wet-running seal can operate in applications up to 450psig and withstand shaft run-outs of up to 0.060in TIR (total indicated run-out), while the Type 3740D dry-running version can accommodate pressures from vacuum conditions up to 80lb/in2 gauge and shaft run-outs of up to 0.150in TIR.

Features include: pre-assembled rotor assembly; separate stationary seal face; pre-assembled gland plate unit; balanced primary ring design; captive socket head cap screws; same-side screws on all hardware; dovetail grooves contain all O-rings without requiring adhesives; field-repair kits that do not require special tools, adhesives or procedures; large shaft run-out capabilities for wet- and dry-running versions; and high pressure ratings for a wider range of split-seal applications.

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