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John Neale has developed a range of high-performance metalworking fluids to meet the current health and safety issues associated with water-mix metalworking fluids.

Boric Acid is labelled with ‘R60 – May impair fertility’ and ‘R61 – May cause harm to the unborn child’ and is a Category 2 carcinogen.

It has now been placed on the EU list for substances of very high concern (SVHC).

Formaldehyde-release biocides can cause allergic reactions with operators.

Bacteria levels of

At above 10^6 bacteria, it is considered that immediate action is required on a system.

Secondary amines are also considered unacceptable by many users as they can, potentially, form nitrosamines; the Global Automotive Declarable Substance List names secondary amines as unacceptable.

Based on this information and utilising experience in formulating water-mix metalworking fluids, John Neale developed the Coolant Adex range of fluids.

These are free of boric acid and boric-acid derivatives, free of formaldehyde and formaldehyde-release biocides or other biocides and free of secondary amines.

Eith excellent bio-stability, the fluids maintain very low levels of bacteria.

Three high-performance products have initially been designed: the Coolant Adex SEP, a synthetic cutting fluid with excellent corrosion inhibition and bio-stability; Coolant Adex C20, a semi-synthetic cutting fluid for machining cast iron, steel and other ferrous alloys; and Coolant Adex ALX, a high oil-soluble cutting fluid with excellent machining performance on aluminium and steel alloys.

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