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Superdraw 18000 has replaced high-performance chlorinated neat drawing oil in a forming process to produce convoluted tubing out of stainless steel.

A Wolverhampton-based aerospace component manufacturer that produces convoluted tube out of stainless steel needed a change in lubricant.

The extremely arduous operation had previously been lubricated by a high-viscosity chlorinated lubricant.

The problem with the use of such a chlorinated lubricant was the subsequent removal of the lubricant using the company’s existing aqueous wash technology.

Residues of lubricant were often trapped in the part making it virtually impossible to fully remove with aqueous washing, however good the detergent is.

The manufacturer had previously tried several different lubricants in an effort to replace the chlorinated lubricant, but no lubricant was found to give satisfactory performance.

Superdraw 18000 was suggested as this synthetic lubricant had already shown excellent performance in tube bending operations.

A sample was submitted for testing and the results impressed the operators.

Not only did it provide excellent lubrication with no performance difference to the chlorinated lubricant, the lubricant simply dissolved in the cleaning solution leaving no residue.

Even if residues had been left, the clean burn and the absence of halogens would have meant no adverse reactions in subsequent welding operations.

Superdraw 18000 has proven performance over a number of metal forming applications where chlorinated lubricants had previously been considered the only option.

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