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John Neale’s Superdraw FS-Gel specialist tube-bending gel has helped Ferschl Tubeform to solve a problem with its plating process.

A D Platers, which was subcontract plating for Ferschl, was experiencing problems owing to excessive deposits inside the tube, which subsequently destroyed the acid solutions when going through the plating process.

John Neale responded with a sample of Superdraw FS-Gel to see if the standard product would overcome the problems.

Ferschl Tubeform set about a test process to assess the lubricant.

Three sets of five tubes were used for the trial and cell numbers were utilised to identify the different methods employed.

The purpose of the three cells was to determine which method would be the best to apply the alternative bending gel and also to determine which method would give the best results when going through the wash process.

After the three cells were prepared by Ferschl, these would be sent to A D Platers to be processed as normal.

Cell 1 used the method of applying a very small amount to the end of the tube using a brush.

Cell 2 used the same method as Cell 1, but the gel was also applied to the mandrel on the bending machine.

Cell 3 used the method of putting a considerable amount of the bending gel inside of the tube and also on the mandrel.

It was found that the performance of the Superdraw FS-Gel far exceeded that of the previous gel.

The new gel was easily removed from the tube with a wash.

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