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Bowers Metrology has launched Gagemaker’s Joint Strength System (JSS), which delivers high-accuracy rotary shouldered connection thread inspection for oil industry applications.

Universally, pitch diameter is used as the ‘control’ diameter for the design of each connector.

If a connector’s pitch diameter is machined incorrectly, the quality of the connector is jeopardised.

The commonly used ring or plug stand-off gauges, which are utilised for this inspection task, are unable to directly detect variations in the component’s pitch diameter.

Historically, pitch diameter has remained a connector feature that has been left to interpretation by the perceived ‘fit’ of a ring or plug gauge.

At best, the ring or plug would identify a discrepancy in either lead, taper or thread form.

Although any one of these features could render a connector unusable, the manufacturing operator is not able to identify which element is responsible for the problem.

Gagemaker’s advanced JSS method accurately gauges the quality of a rotary shouldered connector.

According to Bowers, the cost-effective JSS adds the most important measurement element – pitch diameter – to the criteria currently used to accept or reject a connector’s quality.

JSS provides a simple method that enables total control over all of the components contained in a connector assembly.

The system combines some of the company’s existing gauges with new products, while the new TDWIN Taper software enables the selection, calculation, setting and reporting of the measured sizes of the components.

JSS is able to check thread cone taper, thread lead, thread height, thread form and pitch diameter at the pitch plane.

Following the machining of all of these features, within the allowable tolerances, the offending element can be identified.

By using the basic JSS gauge package, manufacturers will now be able to inspect any right-hand or left-hand rotary shouldered connector, either with or without the use of ring or plug gauges.

The Bowers Metrology Group specialises in delivering a full and comprehensive range of precision measuring systemss to some of the most competitive and demanding shop-floor environments. Over the years, Bowers has proven its success with rapid, sustained growth and now prides itself on being the world’s leading bore gauge manufacturer in terms of both production volume and breadth of product range. 

Already working in some of the most challenging industries such as oil and gas, defence, aerospace and automotive, the Bowers Metrology Group delivers cost-effective solutions to the most testing measurement problems, further strengthening its reputation for the superior quality, accuracy and usability of its precision measuring equipment. Striving for excellence in both the comprehensive range of products supplied and the many services offered to its customers, the Group’s aim is to build on this hard-won reputation and continue to exceed customers’ expectations.

As a member of the Bowers Metrology Group, Bowers UK supplies UK industry with an unrivalled choice of high-quality precision measuring equipment, bespoke system design and laboratory-based UKAS calibration services. Its pre-eminent position in the metrology market allows Bowers UK to provide its customers with a truly complete metrology service. What’s more, customers also benefit from the ‘one stop shop’ nature of the company's centralised sales, service, training and customer support for the complete range of Bowers, Moore & Wright, Baty International and CV Instruments products.

The all-inclusive nature of the Bowers Metrology Group can also be demonstrated by the wide range of superior hardness testers, surface finish and other material testing instruments supplied by CV Instruments.  

Bowers’ vision for the future is clear: to develop its position as a total metrology solutions provider, offering its customers a full range of products and services that are borne from its continued investment in both people and technology. 

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