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JTAG Technologies has launched the JTAG Function Test (JFT), which bridges the gap between standard structural boundary-scan testing and functional verification.

As a complement to JTAG’s existing vector-based, cluster test generators, JFT makes use of an open-source programming language to give test designers the ability to verify the functionality of non-boundary-scan devices and device clusters.

Available as a plug-in module to JTAG’s Provision tool, JFT is the first product to emerge from boundary-scan technology that uses a recognised open-source programming language to simplify the testing of mixed signal parts such as ADCs and DACs.

JFT also eases the testing of parts that require user intervention or looping test patterns to set-up device registers etc.

JFT utilises the Python programming language plus key underlying boundary-scan resources – such as BSDL files and design netlists – to present users with a powerful command and control environment for easy access to device I/O pins.

In addition, the functions available in Python support the rapid construction of sequential logic tests – essential for functional verification.

In addition to the inclusion of templates, other time-saving features within JFT include automatic completion lists and the display of available Python functional parameters within the tooltip.

JFT is available immediately with the most recent release of JTAG Provision (as on CD15).

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